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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Red Rock Bar & Grill in Whyalla, South Australia

Some paranoid Aussie (who prefers to remain nameless) submitted this one with the follow message:
I was a dishwasher and delivery boy when this was a Pizza Hut. The bins stank and crickets used to come up through the bathroom drains. Its current owners were very nervous about my smartphone snaps. To my knowledge, it's not illegal to take a photo of a building in South Australia, but they sent a guy out to question me who not-so-subtly committed my plates to memory.
He said they'd had a lot of break-ins lately, and then I felt bad. So, I went in to find the manager and explain. She said she had taken a picture of me to give to police!
Fair enough, I guess. I don't care that they thought I was a criminal, but I'm insulted they thought me dumb enough to take recon photos in broad daylight, from my own parked car, during business hours.
Well, paranoid Aussie, we commend your heroic efforts and we thank you for intelligently waiting until after dark to properly case this establishment for your impending crime spree.

Let that be a lesson to the rest of you. It turns out the old Pizza Huts that we are photographing and mocking online are, themselves, photographing us, ostensibly for their own blog called "Used to be an Interesting Person."