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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mentions Galore

Wow, lots of great mentions from some seriously awesome blogs over the past few days. First, from HuffPo (as those of us in the know call it), was a mention in an article about the 34 Greatest Moments in Pizza History from 2013. The triumphant return of this blog (their words, not mine) was deserving of the 18th spot on this list. For this, I was both surprised and humbled, as I did not see the triumphant return of this blog as being any higher than maybe #27 on the year.

Shortly after the HuffPo article was published, I was contacted by the Atlantic Cities blog (not to be confused with Atlantic City's blog, which is pretty much the same but with a fake orange tan and greasy hair) for an interview. The reporter kindly ignored my screaming kids in the background and even managed to mishear some of their crying as intelligent observations regarding the tie-in between architecture and brand awareness.

And then today I noticed that could not help but join in the pizza party themselves, profiling my blog as well as some other similar blog not worth visiting.

More than anything, the new visitors to the site help bring even more content via reader submission, so I am eternally grateful (and confused) by the willingness of the readers to risk their lives to snap photos of old Pizza Huts from the medians of highways (or just to sit in their mom's basements and browse Google Street View).