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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Red Rooster in Traralgon, Australia

Did you know that:
1) There is is place called Traralgon that is NOT a typo made by a drunk cartographer?
2) There is a restaurant called "Red Rooster" that the locals call "Red Rooter" because "rooter" is slang for the F word (trying to keep my blog more kid-friendly since I assume that increases in childhood obesity lead more and more kids each year to search for blogs about Pizza Hut)?
3) There was a Pizza Hut some place that is NO LONGER A PIZZA HUT. Wait, that's not the name of the blog. Let me try that again. Did you know that there is a Pizza Hut some place that USED TO BE A.... crap. Well, you know what I am getting at here, right?

This strangely elevated Red Roo(s)ter in Tarragon (or Algernon, or something) Australia was indeed once a Pizza Hut. Man, the land down under is rife with old Pizza Huts, which leads me to the only logical conclusion: that Australia was an awesome place to live in the 80s.

Check the before and after of this beaut and let me know what you think in the comments.

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