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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Wok Mongolian BBQ in Manhattan Beach, CA

I am not going to lie. I had a hard time believing Lauren when she claimed that this used to be a Pizza Hut. Nothing about it jumps out at me as having once been a Pizza Hut. But, again, I am forced to give benefit of the doubt to people who have foggy memories of having been places in the 90s. Plus a few Google searches lead me to believe that this restaurant (or the property, I can't tell which) is actually owned by Pizza Hut. The internet is never wrong.

I enjoy Mongolian food because I am pretty sure it is just Chinese food that you eat more of. Big Wok sounds like it can fulfill the need that I have to stuff massive amounts of fried rice into my face. A visit to Manhattan Beach, CA might be in my near future.

I might even have a birthday party there.