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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mediterranean Food Warehouse in Paraparaumu, New Zealand

In Paraparaumu, New Zealand, there is only one place that used to be a Nando's Chicken that Used to be a Pizza Hut that you can visit to get good, warehouse-style Mediterranean food, and that place is the Mediterranean Food Warehouse, right off of SH 1N. Personally, this one seems a little but suspect. I don't really see many of the telltale signs of a former Pizza Hut in this photo, but loyal reader Dan, who (I checked) is neither member of Flight of the Conchords, despite being from New Zealand, assures me that, at one time, this was, indeed, a Pizza Hut. Well I am not one to argue with a Kiwi over matters of local history, flightless birds, or locations with addresses that don't seem like real addresses, so I will trust our friend Dan and assume that either the former Nando's or the current MFW (I don't feel like typing all of that again) really did a number on this place. That is quite sad to me.Or else Dan is a liar.