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Monday, January 27, 2014

Fat Pocket Pawn in North Versailles, PA

You're in a pinch, and you know it. You found yourself, somehow, in North Versailles (pronounced "ver-sales," yes way) Pennsylvania, and you need some cash, or, perhaps, you need more shit in your house. Either way, goldmine here (literally), as Fat Pocket Pawn will be glad to buy shit from you way below market value and sell other (or hell, even the same) shit to you way above market value. Hey, their pockets didn't get fat on fair market value, buddy. Besides, you are in a pinch. Now don't go in here expecting to see some bald guy and bunch of cameras making a reality show. This is not that sort of pawn shop. There is not anything signed by anyone famous in here. There aren't any historians inside explaining the significance of a pre-Civil War hand-crafted wood-inlayed bureau to anyone. Just some meth heads with stolen power tools. And, one more time, it's VER-SALES. Just in case you thought it sounded like a classy town. Thanks to Ryan for the submission.