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Friday, September 5, 2014

Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Owensboro, KY

You might write off Owensboro, Kentucky as being "no big deal," or, "I've never heard of it," but what you might not realize is that, after Louisville and Lexington, there is only one other city in all of Kentucky that is bigger (by population) than Owensboro (that, of course, being the booming metropolis of Bowling Green).

So when you stumble upon the 4th largest city across the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky, you know you are somewhere special. This ain't no Covington, Hopkinsville, or Florence (y'all). This is a real city. Never you mind the lack of interstates in Owensboro. They still have some roads. And for those (mostly paved) roads, you will need a reliable method of transport. That's where Enterprise Rent-A-Car comes in.

I bet you didn't even notice that the Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Owensboro is an UTBAPH. That is probably because you can't see out of your car that is inexplicably wrapped up like a package. Unwrap that thing before you start to drive. It's dangerous. Besides, it's not like we can't all tell that, underneath the wrapping, there is a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix in there. AWWWWW, I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE A PONY!!!

But I digress. Yes, this was indeed once a Pizza Hut. But the lovely people of Owensboro apparently had better things to do (a Google search of "things to do in Owensboro" turned up nothing) than to go to Pizza Hut, so it closed. Thanks a lot, Owensboroans.

And thanks to some guy named "Doug," who sent this one in to the site. I honestly think the world would be a much worse place without guys named Doug occasionally contributing in small ways to large scale projects like mapping all of the former Pizza Huts in the world, so thanks, guys named Doug.