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Friday, February 26, 2016

IDA Pharmacy in Calgary, Alberta (Canada, eh?)

Alright you wacky Canadians aren't off the hook. I know you have some solid UTBAPHs hiding up there in America's freezer section.

IDA Pharmacy in Calgary? That'll do!

Now I don't want to get all high and mighty, but here in America, where we do things the right way, our pharmacies mostly sell things that make you even sicker, like Mountain Dew, Cheese Puffs, and get-well cards.

So I don't know what you Canadians are doing up there in your pharmacies, but you are probably using them for something boring, like getting healthier. Hah! We scoff at you and your long, happy, satisfied (but freezing cold) lives!

So this IDA Pharmacy, in all of its UTBAPH glory, peddling all of its reasonably-priced medicine to people actually looking to improve their health, is ridicule-worthy on a nationally-famous, award winning blog. Or this blog. Whichever.

The point is, look at that snowy haven of health. It has come a long way from its days as a Pizza Hut (, selling fresh caribou cheese curd pizza with french fries and gravy on top, eh?

I am pleased that our friend Daniel was kind enough to submit this UTBAPH for our amusement. Let us all thank Daniel by politely saying "excuse me" and then hitting the pond for a curling tournament.