Map Area

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Let's talk candidly, folks. As you know, I am an award-winning blogger, a dedicated humanitarian, and an all-around pretty good liar about my made-up accomplishments.

But one thing that is not made up is that I recently quit my job to write about UTBAPHs full-time, and to start a business. Mostly the latter part. Actually, yeah, very little of the former. Sorry about that. I know you people need to see more photos of Pizza Huts that have been turned into camera shops and whatnot.

But I am pleased to announce a little product I have been working on called Switcheroo, a simple way to change the wiring in your home without running any wires. 

So here. Watch this little video and check out, a little idea by yours truly, that I have been working on in between taking pictures of UTBAPHs for some show you might have heard of.