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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dad's Pub & Grub in Monroeville, PA

Ah, beautiful Monroeville, Pennsylvania. A great place to buy a car, chip in a few bucks for this lovely new road they have been building for 80+ years that locals affectionately call "The Turnpike," or maybe even stop in to an old favorite restaurant for a personal pan pizza.

The heartbreak you feel when you find out that your favorite pizza place has turned into something else... yeah you aren't alone in that. In fact, our good friend Pittsburgh Dad feels the same way:

I don't think yinz are gonna find any Pizza Huts around here. But there is always Dad's (Pittsburgh Dad's?) Pub & Grub in Monroeville to help satisfy your hunger.  Sure, they added a little outdoor seating area and a fresh coat of paint, but the unmistakable shape of the old hut remains.

Now, off to find a Long John Silvers that isn't a payday loan place...