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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rumi's Mediterranean Grill & Cafe in Rochester, NY

Rumi's Mediterranean Grill & Cafe in Rochester, NY has a lot to offer. First of all, notice the newer-style architecture, with the larger-than-life roof hump, the brighter-than-usual red roof, and the squarer-than-normal windows (that don't extend to the corners). The kind of sad-but-awesome part of this one is that it was built as a Pizza Hut not all that long ago, but is already serving dutifully in its second life.

I tried to get a better shot from Google Street View, but this specimen is so fresh that indeed even Street View still showed it as a Pizza Hut.

The word on the street is that the roof has been painted brown since this photo was taken. No matter -- it will be hard to get any paint to stick well to that shiny red plastic-y roof, so the old red should be proudly shining back through in no time.

Also, take note of the more tuscan-style mismatched brick work (also original to the former Pizza Hut). This submission from our good friend, Justin, reminds me of getting hand-me-down clothes as a kid that still had the tags on them. Absolutely glorious.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Rumi's offers cheap eats and their own Turkish version of pizza.  I bet if you asked really nicely, you might even be able to redeem some Book It! coupons for a personal size version.