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Monday, January 20, 2014

Carewell Urgent Care in South Dennis, MA

When you are in South Dennis, MA, it is hard to think that anything can go wrong. Maybe in Dennis proper, where all of the Cape Cod gangs hang out, sure, you could get knifed over a bowl of chowder, but in easygoing South Dennis, injuries are rare.

But here in South Dennis, the sadness of the loss of a Pizza Hut was a lot to take for the townsfolk. Local resident and submitter, Duke, offered only a simple eulogy.

"She was a fine establishment. Out here we are people who believe in two things: Tom Brady and Pizza Hut. Whether it was choking in the big game or choking on an overabundance of greasy cheese, we yearn for the better times of both of our sacred icons."

But, alas, there is relief in the form of the CareWell Urgent Care Center. Whether you jumped out a window during a Super Bowl between the Pats and Giants, or smashed a hand while vandalizing a Giants' fan car after a different Super Bowl between the Pats and Giants, it is good to know that you can find respite in the old Pizza Hut.

Sometimes, we all need urgent care. Especially during the playoffs.