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Friday, January 17, 2014

Latham Biryani Restaurant in Latham, NY

Somewhere outside of Schenectady, NY (which is probably more fun to say than to visit) is the town of Latham, NY (which is neither fun to say nor visit, if I had to guess). In Latham, all of the photos are blurry and everyone drives a Chevy Malibu. That is all I know about Latham, and I learned most of that from this photo.

Oh wait, plus the fact that there was once a Pizza Hut in Latham, which basically just means that Latham was populated sometime prior to 1987. As all good things must end, so did the lifespan of that old Pizza Hut, but lo! A new, better, nearly identically facaded restaurant has opened in the UTBAPHs place, the Latham Biryani, submitted by the lovely Kathleen who is most likely slightly out of focus and drives an Impreza (she is not from Latham).

Now, I don't know about you, but I love Indian food. And, just like most ethnic food, the places that open up in places that used to be other places are the BEST of the best. According to Foursquare, this place serves up an awesome lunch buffet, and, unless you know what the hell you are doing, buffet style is really the only way to eat Indian food. You don't want to order a whole plate of something and then find out that it is just that weird sweet yogurt noodle crap, right? Hell no! You want some naan, some of that chicken that they cook until it turns red, some of that green stuff that might be spinach and curds of some kind, and, last but not least, the curried vegetables. OH GOD THE CURRIED VEGETABLES PLEASE MAKE ME STOP EATING THEM I MIGHT EXPLODE RIGHT HERE AT THE BOOTH.

Yeah, so anyway, Indian food. UTBAPHs. Yeah. That'll do.