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Friday, October 10, 2008

Regino's in Norfolk, VA

Not a bad showing here. No roof hump, but the angled windows are intact. Overall, C+.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Larry's Giant Subs in Jacksonville, FL

One of the better ones out there for sure. If you are going to leave the signature roof hump up there, may as well paint it as bright as you can and scream to passers-by, "HEY I USED TO BE A PIZZA HUT COME GET A GIANT SUB!"

Although, I think Larry might have been a little bit drunk when he hung the sign.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Okini in Harrisburg, PA

Not the first "Pizza Hut-turned-Asian-Restaurant" entry, and certainly not the last.

Huntington Learning Center in Orchard Park, NY

Why can't they just deliver my homework fully completed in 30 minutes or less?

Orlando's Mexican Grill in Houston, TX

Sneaky sneaky sneaky Orlando's. Vertical shutters, no more roof-hump. You had me fooled! But your corner window tells me all I need to know about your past life of greasy pizza and suspected drug dealing out of the kitchen.

First Auto Sales in Prince George, British Columbia

It really looks like there are actually cars INSIDE this old Pizza Hut, which would make it the first time I saw a car in a Pizza Hut since that time Charlene got the pedals confused in her Cavalier!

What is more embarrassing than a career hawking used cars? A career hawking used cars inside an old Pizza Hut. No chance that anyone who works here shows up at high school reunions.

China Buffet in Beverly, MA

The old "shingle over the red tin roof" trick works every time. This place is one roof-hump removal away from no longer even being distinguishable as a former Pizza Hut.

Don Pollo in Atlanta, GA

This is what America is all about. Come on in, gang. Don Pollo's is open!

Capt'n Joes Galley in Murphy, NC

Pizza Hut and Long John Silvers had a love child, and named him "CAPT'N JOE."

Chinese Hut in Toronto, Ontario

Wow wow wow. Keeping the word Hut in the name. I can't even begin to comment. I love the extra flare on the roof-line. For really just running with it and getting the angled neon window signs to boot, this is an excellent specimen.

Guarantee that whatever this place serves is way better than Pizza Hut pizza.

Des Moines Police Traffic Unit in Des Moines, IA

Hands down the most popular entry on this blog to date.

We all love the idea of the police chief telling all of the cops week after week that if they don't get their shit together and get traffic violations under control, they will have to work at a Pizza Hut, then the mayor coming in and breaking the news that they would, indeed, all be working in a Pizza Hut.

Evidence room in the cooler. Interrogations happening in the booths. Secretaries playing table-top Pac Man instead of solitaire. That is how I picture this one, and I love it.

Exterior Connections in Atlanta, GA

The fact that this is a home improvement place is perfect. If I were them, I would have had a sign up out front that said, "This placed used to be a McDonalds!" to show them that they are REALLY good at changing up exteriors.

Sadly, they hung no such sign, and they appear to no longer be in business (at least, in that location).

The Hobby Store in Kennesaw, GA

Yes. Now this is well done. Notice the new shingles and exterior, but the remaining signature roof hump of the Pizza Hut. There is a little bit of "we want you to remember that this used to be a Pizza Hut" thing going on here, as if most people still remember this location based on its former purpose.

"The Hobby Store? Never heard of it. What did it used to be?"

Licks in Pickering, Ontario

Based on the name alone, I would guessed this was some type of gentlemen's establishment, but the non-plywooded-over windows have me questioning that. Whatever it is, kudos for the vertical shutters trying to hide the signature angled windows of the old Pizza Hut.

Oasis Pool & Spa in Marietta, GA

Some bonus points need to be awarded here. The giant double door to allow entry (I can only assume) of gigantic fat people who are looking for hot tubs is really a nice touch.

Minus ten points for having the least original name ever for a pool and spa store. Also, besides the common name "pool," what do swimming pools and billiards have in common that they are always sold together? Was someone just too lazy to answer the question of "what kind of pool?" so they opted to just sell both?

I tried to track down the actual location of this place and could not, due to the horrendously unoriginal name. If their goal was to never be found on the internet, they have succeeded.

Pineda Tacos in Minneapolis, MN

My sources (Google Maps) tell me that this place is no longer standing, or has been renovated beyond recognition, which is good because it is easily the most half-assed attempt yet at converting a Pizza Hut.

F+ for effort. But hey, I bet the tacos were good.